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Solar installation for your home or business

Partnering with our friends at Solar Solutions in Christchurch, we now have the ability to install solar panels for your home in collaboration with the experts in solar power systems. Their fully qualified team have experience in a wide range of solar systems and electrical industries, including residential and commercial applications.

Installing PV solar panels while re-roofing your home makes practical sense. We will collaborate with our partners at Solar Solutions to seamlessly integrate both services into one project.

Solar systems come in various options, with the most common being on-grid and off-grid solar. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the suitability varies from household to household. Our friends at Solar Solutions will guide you through the process to help you find the best solution for your home and family.

What are the different types of solar systems?

On-grid systems cater to homes and businesses with existing access to the power grid. These systems generate energy by converting sunlight from PV photovoltaic solar panels into the AC power used in our homes.

The electricity produced is transported to the grid, where it is distributed for day to day usage. Additionally, the installed net meter can track the energy supplied to the grid, lowering the cost of your electricity bill.

These solar power systems do not need batteries, are highly cost-effective, and can facilitate a quick return on investment.

Off-grid systems differ slightly, and if you find yourself more than 200m from the nearest solar grid connection point, an off-grid solar power solution is likely the optimal choice for you.

An off-grid solar system covers your entire electricity demand, ensuring independence from electric utility companies. The equipment delivers stable, reliable power to meet even the most challenging demands, capable of generating electricity from the battery bank and storing it for use during periods without sunlight.

Our partners at Solar Solutions offer comprehensive turnkey solar systems, encompassing solar PV panels, windmills, and micro-hydro turbines, as well as battery banks, chargers, inverters, and generators. They can advise you on selecting the best system to meet your individual requirements.

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